Good read, i think there is a small error to fix. eksctl should come under EKS not AKS. Cheers!

Recently i have passed the AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam. It was a really challenging exam and i do really recommend to do the AWS Certified SAA and AWS Certified Sysops Administrator first before any of the Specialty/Pro Certifications.

PS : My intention is not to share any questions or…

As you all know i am an AWS FAN BOY!! for this year AWS Summit we have done a really cool session that how we are using AWS Developer tools and how we are using alexa with our practices.

Mainly we did talk about

  • What are the challenges we had?

This article is about sharing my experience how we have secured the database credentials using AWS Secret manager. This has been a challenge always where and how to access the database configurations.

When i was setting up a CI/CD pipeline for a Golang based project we wanted to Store the…

I always had this thought what if i can automate the infrastructure? as a DevOps engineer always trying to make all the process automate. Always and i love to work with AWS as my primary cloud service provider using AWS with terraform. For Continuous Integration i cant always log in…

Before AWS introduced the static web hosting with S3 i was paying more than 5$ to 10$ for servers for host my personal portfolio which is a HTML static page. Then i got to know that we can host static pages in AWS using S3 and Route53 services. After that…

Emails are pivotal for our day to day tasks. lets see how the email communication working as below.

Arshad Zackeriya

DevOps Engineer ☁, A Cloud Enthusiast and AWS Certified Solution Architect. AWS Fanboy!!

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